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2009-02-10 - 7:54 p.m.

i wrote this thing on facebook today and it was entertaining so i'm putting it on here.

25 Random Things About Me:

1. I am a natural blonde...which is just plain evil.
2. I know a lot of trivia about random crap that has absolutely no use in real life.
3. My nickname is bambi which is so totally colins fault.
4. I hate any shows about murder or horror and I can't understand how people get enjoyment from them.
5. One day I'm going to go to that Meraluna (or something like that) festival in Germany.
6. I have 9 singstars and I have a terrible singing voice.
7. My biggest regret is leaving the Venom Zoo.
8. I talk to my cats often. And they're smart.
9. People accuse me of looking angry all the time yet i'm really just in my own world.
10. Frog and I are smart enough to never trust each other but we're still best friends.
11. I'm obsessed with pixel puzzles.
12. I'm good at starting random creative projects and never finishing them.
13. I love reading Anne Rice but i need a dictionary next to me otherwise i can't understand half the words she uses.
14. When I'm getting to know someone new I tend to ramble on and on about nothing, much to my brains disappointment.
15. I have imaginary friends and they're better then real people.
16. I wish I could draw.
17. I like to believe vampires exist.
18. My favourite colour is and always has been orange.
19. I hate the way society is so shallow and everything seems to be about money and looks.
20. When I'm shopping i can't resist going to the toy section and pressing all the buttons.
21. Most religons annoy the crap out of me and I just can't comprehend them.
22. Cockroaches are terrifying.
23. I count the spiders on the ceiling as my friends so I'm very popular.
24. I am OCD. It's interesting.
25. Ah the end finally. I don't care anymore what people think of me. I am me. And its rather enjoyable.

so yeah thats it. fun fun

watching The Girl Who Lives in the Dark now....fucked tumours on the face

so farewell. enjoy life. and so on.

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