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2009-01-31 - 11:47 a.m.

well ello diary

things are a mixture of happiness, sadness and annoyance.

zoe finally came to cairns. yayyy. and elmo is sooo different. he can walk and talk and he is cute but i am still like child illiterate so i didn't interact with him much. but it's still awesome. i went to his first birthday party..was scary coz frogs whole family was there and the thing lasted for 6 hours and i got terribly blistered sunburnt but other than that it was awesome. me n frog were gonna get drunk that night but we're both lame asses and the vodka was fucking with us both and we couldn't down too much. i found this godlike midori, pineapple, coconut rum drink. ooooooo yummy. yet on with the story. frogs family was puttin huge amounts of pressure on her to stay in cairns and like leave tas and she sorta gave in and she told him she wanted to stay. coz she has been missin her family n friends and stuff. who wouldn't? and then he gave up this $70 000 a year job to come back to cairns and be with her. awwwww how sweet. but now her mother is harassing me(which is the cause for my annoyance). she calls me up and claims tas beats frog all the time, and that he's abusive towards elmo and she said that they can do whatever they want but elmo ain't going with them. its stupid. i know tas has done some bad shit but i honestly truely don't think he beats her. i told frog to be careful. her family might do something stupid.

anyway now they're going to go live in townsville. which is why i'm a combination of happy n sad. i'm sad coz they not gonna be in cairns still n happy coz townsville is a hell of a lot closer than darwin.

and pretty much thats all thats been happening in my life. i feel like i have actually been having fun in the past week and i haven't had that feeling in a long time.

so that will do

farewell farewell farewell

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