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2007-07-20 - 10:41 p.m.

fuck being sick. being sick sucks. i just want to rip out all my insides and stomp on them until they get the message.

i think i'm going to get my learners on monday. there is no point really judging i could never afford a car and driving means your meant to be like a responsible drinker which is dumb. i reckon i could drive drunk perfectly well because i am a god.

i can't think of anything to write. damn where did my creativity go. i shall find him. i shall search the universe for him and when i find him i shall put him in a cage for eternity.

i hate reporting to centrelink. they all look down on you because your a fucking job seeker. and i hate dressing up in those stupid clothes to go to an interview for a job i know i won't get. and all the jobs i actually want and think i would have a good chance of getting i never even get an interview for. frog was a job seeker too but her payments got cut off and she stopped.

and FUCK ITEC. i will burn that stupid establishment down to the ground and i will make sure that bitch eileen is in there - see i had a capital letter for her name but i took it off because she doesn't deserve it - she treated me like a piece of crap on the bottom of her shoe. she doesn't deserve to have whatever fucking job title she has. nah first shes looking down on me just because i had a strange answering machine message which i forgot about and because i looked like crap because i hadn't planned on going to itec i just got a random call. and then she tells frog that she would call her tomorrow about this job and she told she might call me sometime next week about the same fucking job. i bet she didn't even forward my resume. and frog has had like a million appointments with them and i have had..wait for fucking cunt motherfucking STUPID SCUM OF THE EARTH PARASITES WHO LIE IN THEIR ADS which isn't that unusual but fuck it they can go fuck themselves anyways. and i swear to god this dude comes in once and the receptionist was being all nice to him (she treats me like shit) and she's like 'glad we could assist you' and he's like 'not just assist. this organisation helps people like me..blah..go out of their way and pass all expectations..blah blah. BULLSHIT. BIASSED CUNTS. BURN IN HELL.

do i look like an angry person to you diary? fine i'm normally angry when i write in here but before i speak or do anything do i look angry. well according to the rest of the world i am. 3 comments in one week... aimee's mum - amber is a very angry person...receptionist at vpg - not in such a dark mood today are we (never have been)....mark from itec - she's full of anger. don't let her bring you down aimee. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. I don't bring her down you bastard just because i didn't respond to your stupid thumbs up or whatever you think you know my personality. get fucked. you've never even spoken to me. all these people just judge me because i'm shy and i don't yell out everything i think.

MARK and ITEC and EILEEN and CENTRELINK and THE WORLD can all go throw themselves in the darkest, wettest, smelliest, infested abyss they can find.

i have rambled more than i thought tonight diary so that shall do and we shall see each other soon enough

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