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2011-12-03 - 2:25 a.m.

so i'm thinking of moving to adelaide.

life is shit at the moment. seriously i think this has been one of the worst years of my life. i haven't been really sick in years and this year i have been on three separate occasions, the most recent was tonsilitis and i ended up in hospital where they discovered i had super high blood pressure and that led to a barrage of tests which i still have not got through. i've quit uni because i failed miserably again. i'm blaming it on being sick but really i think its just my usual laziness and lack of motivation that has been the cause. The frog moved to adelaide so i lost the one person who wanted to hang out with me and i ended up moving back in with the mother because centrelink cut my payments and i couldn't afford my place in freshwater anymore. However aimee and i did sort shit out and are friends again though we haven't had a chance to hang out. i just came back from a two week holiday to adelaide which is cool coz i've never been out of queensland before and i got to do lots of awesome stuff like see strassman live and go to a gold class movie and the adelaide zoo which was all fantastic. But the holiday has also shown to me more than ever before how much i despise the frogs partner. There is no good in that man. He is all violence and darkness and he lives on making people afraid of him. He is actually proud of the damage he has done people and even when he is in a good mood his arrogance is beyond irritating. I would have loved to have stayed longer but i was staying with the frog and i honestly felt that i was walking on eggshells around him especially when he drank. However there were plenty of good times and fun and I am now thinking of living down there, partly because my best friend is there and partly because i think i need a new start. my life is in such a rut. i am hating cairns and hating the habits and the life i am stuck in and when i was in adelaide i felt like an independent and predominantly sane person. i don't know if i'm serious about this yet or its just a random dream but i do need to think of something soon or i will be completely fucked. plus i like the weather down there though that opinion may change in the heat of summer or the freezingness of winter and yes i know freezingness is not a word. regardless of all my rambles i am actually in quite a good mood today. i am hoping i will sort my life out and finally grow up and be responsible although i'm not sure that i really want that but its probably necessary.

i think that shall do mr diary.

Until next time.

Stay Safe

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