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2008-10-20 - 11:51 a.m.

there is nothing for antisocial reclusive people to do in this world.

i discovered facebook. facebook is godlike. yay!!!!!!!

i have a laptop!!!! it is godlike too. yay!!!!!!!!

i was meant to have a driving lesson today but i refuse to be forced to drive. yay!!!!!!!!!

colin is back in cairns. yay!!!!!!

next year is getting closer. yay!!!!!!

and i've run out of things to be joyful about.

but yeah colin back in town. its good. weird. good. apparently he's gay. he always fully denied that so i think its great the he's accepting it now. and is very happy.

aimee might not be going uni next year which sucks for me because it means i will never see her...i already never see her...

frog in sydney now. i heard she left cairns coz people wanted to bash her and tasman. i don't know if its true or not. just a rumour. but it could be

i love this keyboard

i want more nicotine. i just had some. insatiable craving. running out though. no wastage

my brain feels weird. n fuzzy. and my eyes are going all googly.

is next year here yet?

damn this eternal waiting. i am getting seriously bored and i feel that i am getting to addicted to the computer. that would suck. but it so much better with the laptop. meh who cares.

anyway i realli have crap all to say to anyone lately which is totally frustrating. they're like hi i'm like hi hows life good yours? good ok. ok. bye. bye

and thats about the extent of it. i am not a small conversationalist. i am no good at it.

nick is blackmailing aimee by saying if she goes to his work party he'll stop being such a fuckwit about her and me hanging out. that annoys me. i want to punch him.

and that is all. dr phil is on. yes i am that sad that i watch dr phil.


human signing off

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