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2004-12-16 - 10:30 p.m.

People in my life must hate me. I alwayz end up in the middle of everything and it alwayz fuckz me up but i hide it and be supportive of whoeva the fuck it is.

i onli trust one person in my life, and thatz not my family or anyone around me. i'm a liar. i lied all the time. i hurt a lot of people and i never thought about it twice until after i told the truth. i'm amazed they don't all hate me. they should realli. i deserve to be hated not luved or respected or anything like that.

I lied so much i started to believe it woz the truth. It woz the onli thing in my mind and itz still like that a little but i don't make other ppl believe itz true now. itz just in my head and thatz bad enough.

so...i'm sorri again to every single person in my life that i've hurt which is nearli evry1. i'm sorri i'm such a useless person. i'm sorri i cut myself when i'm asked not 2. i'm sorri i lied. i'm sorri that i made people hate me. I'm sorri that i'm not a likeable person. i'm sorri i get angry. i'm sorri...letz just say i'm sorri for everything i've ever done.

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