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2008-11-21 - 8:37 p.m.

i'm kinda down tonight

i think its the stupid jealousy thing coz aimee colin and rory been hanging out. i feel excluded. i feel antisocial.

and me and aimz restarted our old forum site and i was writing on there every day and it was entertaining. and then there was this human on it and i believe it is nick because nothing else really makes sense and i got kicked out of admin and blocked out of some of the subjects and my posts being deleted. i hate it. so i'm not writing on there anymore because i'm not gonna let the motherfucking cunt have any power over me. because i hate him so intensely and i am so angry.

i'm speaking to colin now. he's funny.

i don't realli have anything to write.

i wanna stop and rewind. i wanna block everyone out and make it all just stop for a while.

i crave human socialisation.

thats it.


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