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2005-07-11 - 8:33 p.m.

alright heres something to think about. thanks to some human answering some question i asked.

Well, returning to the initial question (wow, I felt like a professor in similar situations J ) �. Bakunin was the leader (if we can talk in terms of �leader� and �followers�) of the anarchist movement. He believed in liberty and his way of thinking found his base in the conviction that a man can be free only if ALL other men are free. He soon clashed with Marx and the communist faction (during �the second international� I think, but I�m not sure) because he don�t believe in a form of government ruled by the mass (in fact he don�t believe in ANY form of government). But I doesn�t want to talk about Bakunin ideas in my profile (in fact, I have to admit it, I talk about Bakunin ideas because essentially he�s the icon of anarchism). I think that a form of government that don�t preclude liberty and justice could exist. I dream about the way of thinking of a �follower� of Bakunin�mmm maybe it�s better to talk about the way of thinking of a follower of liberty. He was Chomsky. His philosophy (and mine) tell that anarchism isn�t absence of government but absence of rulers . Anarchy isn�t the absence of law but the ultimate law, the law that we impose on ourselves because we believe that we must do it. At that point rules and laws aren�t an imposition by some greater power, but our personal choice. During a period of anarchy we can go around killing people or creating chaos but we can also choose to don�t do it. Isn�t so realistic eh? In Russia, in Spain and in many other countries anarchists was seen as problems that the rulers had to eliminate in order to establish a strong form of government. �Anarchism is only a mere dream, is impossible that humans can live together in peace without trying to establish a sort of �law of the strongest�. Is only a dream. Nothing else.�

interesting words. speak truth in my eyes.

i suppose this is a diary so therefore i should update on my life somewhat.

i am at school. it is shit. i start at 8 on 2 days because i decided i wanted to be smart and took some hard maths. and it means i have to walk a whole lot further in the morning when i am half dead. but tho i am complaining i had a relatively good day today. i hung out with frog. we were nutheads all day. i had 2 classes with all my friends. and one class with just frog. and for a once my english class didn't bore the shit out of me. see i can be normal and talk about normal things.

guess what! i am getting swords.
oops i just broke the normality streak.
but yeah i got them off ebay. they are so kool. i love swords. they are the most beautiful things.

and these lyrics have some deep meaning that i find interesting so i am going to have to look them up and analyse.

so yeah.

the end of the normal entry. by the normal person. in a normal world.

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