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2009-11-26 - 2:16 p.m.

In a bubble. Feeling bubbly.

Fuck I'm bored. You think all this time off and i would be doing something productive but no. Four days of my life completely wasted. Not that all the days before were used well. It just appeared that way because there was association with other humans involved. Four days of isolation and you start to think you're going mad.

I want to hang out with Aimee but noo have no idea of how to get hold of her.

Zoe has a house. Zoe has a house and two kids. That's insane to me. Because i still think of all of us as kids even though i turn twenty next year. And it seems like havin a house makes you so much older in five seconds. Well in my strange head that is.

Apparently there is going to be a godlike new year's eve party. Maybe i will feel like i have normal teenage life for a night.

Resealing bubble now.

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