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2005-01-10 - 9:02 p.m.

I ain't never luved apart from family and shit. And of course I want to know what that feelz like. To actually have sum1 that carez about u. But at some point i just had to accept that no1 is ever going to luv me for who i am coz they will never get past what i look like. No1 can be bothered getting to know sum1 that is ugly. Itz too much effort. Itz a lot about first impressionz. Ppl hate me b4 they know me. B4 they have even said a single word to me. Ppl made my life hell for nearly a year and they knew nothing about me. Not even my name. Coz shallowness is easy. And evry1 wantz easiness.

I wonder if i'd been pretti and skinni and all that shit would i have been one of them. The sheep. was i forced to be a freak or woz it natural. christ i don't know. could i have been somewhat normal. like i admire aimee becoz she is pretti and skinny and shez still not a sheep. Shez different from all of them. if she'd realli wanted she could've been one. And she chose not to. Thatz kool.

No1 suspectz the butterfly lol. therez this butterfly with poisonous feet and if it landz on u, therez a possibility you could die. Death by sumthing that beautiful.

Twisted Mindz Think Alike.

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