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2008-12-22 - 4:23 p.m.

so life has continued. christmas is closer. i am still functioning. still essentially alone.

colin left. back to agnes. never saw him. damn me and my denial of opportunities.

i haven't spoken to aimee since 'the incident.' either she is mad at me which i can't see why because i haven't acted any worse then her partner or he has totally banned her from talking to me to get to me. which it does. but i still feel victorious. and my logic is if she really wanted to talk to me she would so she obviously doesn't which is a major downer.

zoe was going to have internet and we could have spoken and i could have felt somewhat human again but her bastard of an uncle has kicked them out and now she is homeless. why does nothing go perfectly?

family togetherness draws nearer. and me pretending i actually went to uni and did something for the past 6 months. the alcohol will help. or make things worse. who cares?

i wish i could express myself beautifully and concisely like other people (diary:amazinfuckup - best ever). but i can't. i am random and scatter and unfocused which is very apparent because all those words mean the same thing.

i will depart now.

cartoons, facebook and bubblewrap are calling.

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