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2007-11-04 - 4:20 a.m.

ok so i've been meaning to update for a couple of hours now but i have been surfing this site doing surveys and crap which is pretty pathetic but meh.

i am in a relatively good mood which is a different from my wonderfully melodramatic suicidal mood of last time. did i kill myself or not? that is the question. i bet u get the answer wrong.

my hands hurt from typing out zoes fucking story on her site. and god she can ramble sometimes but it is all interesting...go there....
she is staying here for a few nights because she keeps getting herself stranded. and i give her money and stuff and family glares at me but who cares because she is my friend and fuck being a mean bitch. she sleeps now and i should sleep but my brain realli wants to wait till dawn now which is in just under an hour.

aimee is still anorexic. i so know it. or she is just recovering. one or the other. me and zoe both agree on this. we reckon she has just learnt to hide it from us. i don't know. i think i might be a bit jealous of her but i can't figure it out. maybe coz her life is back on track and she has a job and all that stuff and she is not the person she used to be. which is good for her. because the person i knew was miserable. which is bad. so why do i wish she was the person i knew. but happy. which makes her the person she is now. that makes absolutely no sense. oh well....still good to see her today. to talk and crap. she is back with nick. what can i say? i hope it doesn't end badly.

i'm running out of crap to ramble.

i went to get drunk with zoe (which is bad coz shes pregnant but she was going to drink anyway and it wouldn't have made any difference me being there or not) and i smelt alcohol and it made me sick which SUCKS SHIT. so how long will my body hate the alcohol for? some one tell me!!!

i like orange m and ms. they will be the last to be swallowed.

this room is dark. there are curlews outside making there strange noises which used to scare the shit out of me because of that stupid story the next door neighbour told me about when u hear one outside ur window it means someone in ur family is going to die. definitely not true since they are outside my window every night and most of my family is still breathing.

oo! oo! oo! i proved to centrelink i was mental and now i get a hundred bucks more every week and a pension card which means cheap buses. how awesome is that. wooooooooot.

that will do.

bye diary.

sleep well.

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