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2006-09-25 - 3:04 p.m.

two entries in the space of two days. god i think i'm doing better. i should write more. writing is good. people around me keep saying i should write a book. i don't think i could. meh.

i'm reading over old entries. this diary contains two years of my life. christ this thing started even before i tried to kill myself and that seems so long ago. the two years i've had this thing my life has changed the most and i am a completely different person. its weird to think of.

frog ran away from home. i hope she hasn't gone back. her mother is such an abusive fuck. she called last night..julie..threatened the police on me. ha ha. frog wasn't anyone near my house. she's smart enough to know thats the first place her mother would look. i want frog to move out with me but i didn't think she had the courage to get away from her mother. so i suppose i have outward motives for hoping she doesn't go back.

ahhh my memory is so fucked. FUCK!!!!

this is my third week away from that hell of a school. its weird. all the teachers that tell students to stay and that it is a bad idea to leave are saying it was good for me too. oh wow. really.

fuck this. my brain has no words in it right now.


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