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2005-01-16 - 1:17 a.m.

Dear Human,

would u please cease all contact with me. I find u irritating and I do not like u at all.

If u must continue to talk to me please follow these rulez.

1. Do not send me useless shit I do not want to my e-mail. Didn't u get the point when I gave the false one. It wasn't a mistake. i don't want ur e-mailz.

2. Don't try and counsel me. I do not have hidden issues with my fatherz death. And u would not be able to help anyway. U r a useless annoying psychologist.

3. Don't send me clothes that don't fit. U've seen me in pictures. U know I'm not that small. That shirt u sent fitted my friend who is about 8 sizes or more smaller than me.

4. Don't expect me to ring u back. Frankly i can't be bothered.

Thankyou for reading this letter and I hope u r not offended by any of the content.

Ya Alwayz


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