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2008-06-23 - 2:17 p.m.

alright starfish. my disloyalty to you has come to an end..temporarily.

anyway life is still a bomb though i haven't been sad lately even though i spend pretty much every day at home alone. what does this mean? this means i am letting my imaginary world be my life for me which sucks shit coz it means i'm not living life at all. but the imaginary world has been very good to me and i don't think i'll leave it just yet.

UPDATES!!! dnn nnn nnn

i have completed a tertiary access course at university. and i'm hopefully going on to do a bachelor of science in zoology. it all just sort of happened which is good. and i got to associate with humans and get know people though i didn't actually make any friends. aimee was in the same course with but she didn't turn up very often which did drive me completely up the wall but oh well. anywayz i don't find out till july 18 or something if i passed (which i think i did) and then a few days later i find out if i get into the course. so if there is a god human out there YOU BETTER MAKE IT FUCKING HAPPEN.
the highlight of my time at uni was probably watching a random snake eat a lizard on the pathway and people freaking out about it. Also aimee getting one of the lecturers to play Marilyn Mansons clip of s(AINT) was hilarious.

On that note, haven't seen Aimee since we finished. I think we are still friends but we are definitely not best friends anymore. as i've said many times before we just don't have anything to talk about. but maybe its just a temporary thing and in a couple of years we'll like fully reconnect or whatever. you never know!

haven't seen rory in nearly a year. so we're not really friends at all anymore. so yeah he can go fuck himself. meow.

andersen moved to adelaide or something. the bitch! nah i wanted to hang out with her on my eighteenth (which by the way bombed like all hell and i still haven't been out clubbing)and then she's like 'i've moved' and i'm like 'damn'. I should call her though. andersen is awesome.

Zoe gave birth to Elmasri on the 25th of January so he is 5 months old now. he is doing well and is sort of cute in that gross baby way. Zoe moved out of home as soon as she could after he was born and she lives with tasman now. she is coping with it well i think. we still see each other nearly every week which is awesome and she's still the same chic she was before pretty much. her and tasman are still together. her family is still fully hating on her. her brother broke tasmans jaw a couple of months back. I know now for sure though that i am completely and utterly and totally useless with babies and children. so life has not changed that much.

and yes, i am still insane.

and i still hate myself but i block that out a lot.

and that will do.

bye bye diary

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

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