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2010-09-26 - 11:46 p.m.

So the darkness is bubbling within me tonight and I am struggling to keep it away.

I am good at overdramatic statements though.

I don't know whats wrong with me tonight.

I don't know why I can't write this essay.

I don't know why nothing is entertaining me.

I don't know if Aimzy is returning tonight and I don't know if I care.

This movie the hot chick is absolutely terrible.

I want to go to this white party thing but I don't know if it will happen but if it does I shall be happy.

Time won't stop just going and going and going and it's so irretrievable. Like I know this second and that second aren't going to come back around and when you think of that how can you possibly not feel that you are wasting these seconds? But how do you use them effectively.

I need friends and a life and something more and you would think the pride of fulfilling one of my major goals would have lasted longer but once the goal is accomplished you see how insignificant it was. Although I feel I am being very negative there as I have taken everything a million times better than I ever thought I would.

I want to say things but I can't be honest here. It makes me think what is the point of this site, these writings for me but I am a hoarder and I will hoard this because these are all memories. And I wish others would have kept theirs but it doesn't really matter.

Its almost midnight and before it was just past nine.

Someone said my eyes were stunning the other day.

I think I need to consume some nicotine.

Don't forget me.

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