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2006-05-10 - 9:42 a.m.

long time no see diary buddy how you been. i'm at school rambling shit to jacqui. HATE SCHOOL. got busted for wagging a couple of weeks ago got suspended got stoned fun fun fun fun. aimz is quitting school which doesn't make much of a difference coz she's never here anyway. life is boring. depression is back and laughing at me more than ever. into the self mutilation thing again but smarter this time. not on the arms. bad idea the worlds see and knows and judges. i have no life. the only times i do venture outside i'm entering the drug underworld of darkness and blurred memories. took andersen out for a good time. all we did was get wasted and sit around for 5 hours. which was guess what BORING. frog isn't here today. shes never here on wednesdays. injection this blah blah blah. i am in english supposedly working. i can see them all just robots doing this doing that. we're adults under the control of other adults who are power hungry and don't like the idea of freedom. under their supervision. we are old enough to be the supervisors now. adults need mentors and people to help them through. not dictators focussed on oppression. may 10. 12 days to the possible drugfest. maybe that'll bring a bit of entertainment into my dull life. alright diary mate buddy whatever. i am leaving these premises. will try and right sooner.

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