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2005-04-18 - 9:17 p.m.

i am sick of being persecuted just because i do not fit in with societys image.

this world is not right

not only is there no hope of me ever having any friends remotely like the normals but it seems like i am a disease. people will not go near my friend just because she associates with me. that is pathetic. that is wrong.

we have the right to live but we do not have the right to die.

they say we are free but there is no freedom.

one of our rights is the right not to be abused physically, emotionally, sexually or mentally. But that right is apparently nothing because i know so many that have suffered at the hands of others. At the hands of societys victims. the normals

i only speak with normals when it is necessary. they are certainly not my friends.

when i wanted help no one was there. i told them. i let them know how fucked up i was but still they did nothing and they created the new me. the one who's light is just a pinpoint surrounded by darkness.

But the thing is i am sick of hiding in the shadows. i am sick of being paranoid, of flinching everytime someone laughs. I am not stupid. I have no dream that one day they will accept us as we are and not expect us to change our very souls.

Since i cannot change the people i will fight the image. We can change things so that in the future people will not make the different feel as though they are nothing.

The Darkness can be equal with The Light.

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