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2007-07-18 - 12:13 p.m.

i can't believe i haven't written in here in so long. i did suck at tafe! i quit after a month and now i'm some fucking jobseeker.

zoe be pregnant. i don't think i fully comprehend it yet because its like zoe...pregnant..come on but she definitely is.

i have applied for like a trillion jobs and haven't got any. i'm doing a business cert 2 through vpg which is once a week and all fun fun. and i volunteer at the venom zoo which is wicked as because i get to handle the snake all the time and i got to help the baby spiders.

aimee moved back home. she and matt broke up. she didnt seem that sad. i don't know. we dont see each other often anymore. like she still a really good friend of mine there is just nothing to do except go to job interviews which isn't realli fun for anyone.

rory's boyfriend antz is a complete and utter wanker and rory seems to be the only one who doesn't realise that. anthony is making rory into a grumpy unfriendly person and i haven't seen him in ages now.

zoe's boyfriend kenneth is standing by her through the pregnancy. i reckon that is realli good. her mum is being a bitch though as usual. and zoe can't drink! noooooooo.

i'm still sad. still looking for the magic eternal happy pill that will save us all.

and for now that is enough. and i swear to whatever the fuck is in the stupid sky i will write in here more.




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