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2004-11-29 - 8:21 p.m.

went to see the psychologist 2day. they're so fake, with their smilez and nice little voicez and alwayz so kind and pretence to understand what ur going thru and saying they feel 4 u, when ur just another client 4 them. Another name on a list. And when ur gone, they'll go on to the next person and not have another thought about you.

I'm crying a lot again. Since I can't cut myself because of CERTAIN PEOPLE threatening me, I just feel sad. Last night woz horrible. All this stuff happened. It freaked me out. I can't write it down at the moment. It just won't come out of my head.

The more people try to help, the worse I become. I start thinking about all the stuff I blocked out again.

Depression is like an incurable disease.

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