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2005-05-21 - 2:34 a.m.

can i stop going outside now?
i want to hide away.
i don't want them to look at me ever again. just let them forget.

i go to that diary and it makes me cry every time coz some of the ppl there feel exactly like me. And it hurts so bad to know they wanna hide to.

i don't remember when i started realli caring. i don't remember when it started always being in the back of my mind. but it is. and i hate it. but i am nothing and i am weak weak weak.

i don't think there ever was a time before. i think it was always there.

i wanna lock myself in a cupboard and starve to death.

ironic huh.

i want to be anyone but this girl.
please god let me wake up as someone else and then i can actually look in the mirror.

i've cried so much. my head is pounding and my eyes are swollen.

look at me. who the fuck could luv me ever.

i think when i finish whatever i've started i am going to lock myself away and just become that lonely face in the window.

i think i might just disappear

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