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2012-11-28 - 11:38 p.m.

So I have just had a thought i felt the need to write down before it flutters off. I tend to believe I know what people are thinking. I think I know when my friends find me annoying or pathetic and I assume that when I'm gone they say bad things about me. Today, for the first time, I thought perhaps I was wrong. I still think there is a strong possibility that I'm right, that they do believe these things, however I also realise that I am placing my own insecurities onto them. Maybe they never think like that. Maybe they genuinely enjoy my company and don't judge me. I judge them though..I assume its natural. Yet, why does it matter? If it doesn't influence the way they treat me, if I still enjoy my time with them and don't feel like they are looking down on me does it matter what they think or what they might say when I am not around. Its like that episode of American Dad where Stan is really hurt because he eavesdrops and hears all the neighbours bitching about him only to realise at the end that everybody does it and it doesn't mean you don't like someone. I don't know. Maybe psychology visits are having an effect or maybe I am taking the next step in my continuous analysis of the way I see the world.

Task Accomplished. Thought Released. Signing off.

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