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2004-11-23 - 7:37 p.m.

i have this one secret that i've neva told nobody, not even frog. And I wouldn't either. Neva, neva, neva. I can't write it in here because SOME PEOPLE i know read this. But itz one of the reasonz i'm so fucked up.

I have to wonder why i ended up as me. Why wasn't I another renee or jessica or emma who live their pathetic little lives without screaming at night and cutting their wrists. then again those people are the veri people I hate the most. Because they don't know what otherz go thru, it meanz nothing to them. Nothing at all. When they hear that one of us has cut ourselves or anything like that, that is the onli time they will talk to us. They are like vulturez, looking for fresh blood to feed on.
god i'm a freak.
Wikid Evil Freak.
Fucked up Wikid Evil Freak.
Annoying fucked up wikid evil freak


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