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2004-11-14 - 3:09 p.m.

these are my friends..

zoe - my best friend. she's great. even tho she has no idea what i feel half the time and she's shit at helping anyone out but herself i'm glad shes my best friend. shez crazy and a freak. Like I am. And we both hate the world...but for much different reasons.

aimee - shez really kool. i can relate to her because she feels the same way as me. I can talk to her about all the fucked up shit that goes thru my head and she'll understand. I hope she stays my friend. shes helped me a lot. Plus, shes great to hang out with. Ain't like the rest of them sheep.

shannon - we were best friends. now i don't know. shez two years older then me but it seems like a lot more. we've grown apart. its lucky if we talk once a month. And she frustrates me a lot. she thinks she knows what i'm going thru, how i feel. she thinks every teen goes thru it, including her. But she has no idea. Just because she is older then me doesn't mean shez experienced everything before me.

Izzabelle - shes kool. i can't believe shes still my friend, after i lied her and shit. i respect her a lot for that.

Rebecca A - a really nice person. couldn't be a bitch if she tried. at least she tried to understand what i'm going thru, even tho she can't.

scott - hes a great guy, seriously. i owe him a lot. he stopped me from killing myself.

Scott, Rebecca, Izz, Aimee and zoe have all been there for me. So Thanx u guys. Ur great. I wouldn't be here without youz. I know i've put youz all thru a lot of shit with me but u stayed my friendz. And i know i'm soundin' all sentimental and shit but yeah. Youz mean evrything 2 me.

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