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2005-04-28 - 8:13 p.m.

i hate youz. i fuckin hate youz. you fuckin traitors. get out of my fuckin life. never speak to me again. i hate youz, hate youz, hate youz, hate youz. But i can't tell you people that can i. i have to act like itz all perfectly fine like fuckin fairy dust.

what the hell is wrong with you people.

i want youz to leave me alone at skool. i don't want youz near me. i don't want youz to talk to me. but you will. and i'll pretend like everything is ok and i'm still ur friend. And that i still like youz when really inside i just want youz to FUCK OFF.


Itz like you want me to die. well fine have it your goddamn way. i will. happy now. ooooo. ambres threatening to kill herself again. god forbid if she actually goes through with it.

listen to me.

if you people make this mistake i will never ever forgive you. but you won't know that. Becoz i'll die. while you 2 are laughing i'll be passing in and out of consciousness. does it matter.

the only reason i stayed last time was becoz i thought my best friend needed me. And that'd she'd hurt if i wasn't around.

but now i know thatz not true.

trust me

i'll make a good job of it this time.

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