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2004-12-07 - 9:07 p.m.

i hate this stupid fucking cunt of a world. every1 goes behind ur fuckin back and u can't fuckin trust any1.

'oh ambre i care about u' yes and u'll just disappear when I say something u don't like.

'ambre, ur a good friend' And when I fuck up u ignore me 4 a year.

'ambre u can trust me' and u go behind my back

UR ALL FUCKHEADZ. i hate u all. i don't need any1. I can manage on my own. Ppl just fuck u up. Thatz all they're there 4. Even ur own fuckin family.

i'm gonna kill u fuckaz. Ur gonna fucking die. I'm gonna make u suffer for every day of ur life.

FUCK U ALL!!!!!!!!

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