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2015-05-02 - 6:38 p.m.

I lost my baby Goosie today. I will never forget you, you were the most evil, beautiful, smart, loving cat that has ever existed. I will miss you in my bed at night. I will miss cuddling you, you burying your hand in my hand and purring forever. I will miss our crazy patting sessions in the toilet. I will miss your little meow and your (sometimes painful) demands for attention. I will miss your purr. I will miss your dirty paws. I will miss your bum up in the air whenever you give it a scratch. I will miss looking outside and seeing you chooking in the garden. I will miss you coming and joining us at the table to take part in the conversation. I will miss your look, those liquid eyes. I will miss everything about you. I miss you goosie.

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