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2004-12-22 - 1:39 a.m.

friend iz here. i am happi. but i know soon as she leaves i will be even more unhappi then i woz b4 she woz here because i've been so happi for the past few dayz.

frog is my best friend. shez little kid crazy and i still have that in me. she doesn't know how fucked up everything is but she can complain about thingz with me and she can listen. i need someone that makez me laugh a lot. but she can be a bitch 2 of course because she alwayz putz herself first and i can understand that but i couldn't do that and if i woz like her i probably wouldn't be so fucked up.

i have worldz that i live in that are like real life to me. i know everything down to the tiniest detail. i go there all the time. it changez a lot to whatever i'm feeling. at least i don't let it affect me like it used to when i started to think it woz actually real and that woz when i started lying to ppl. But now i don' much.

i'm becoming realli goth now. i won't wear anything but black and i've started the makeup and i mostly listen to gothic music. i luv gothz they are all beautiful.

'They hate u if ur clever and they despise a fool'

- Marilyn Manson - Working Class Hero

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