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2007-01-22 - 3:07 a.m.

zoe came back. she came back coz she left coz she disappeared for like 2 weeks coz she felt like and it made me mad but now i'm over it. and blah and the music is playing and i feel the tumour growing. and tafe begins in ten days and i'm gonna suck. and they will all hate me because i'm not all fucking social like them.

i miss rory. he doesn't want to speak to us anymore. he got the whole boyfriend thing going. which is fine..but he doesn't speak to us

the cliffs are calling

imagine it

and i want a cigarette but i shouldn't because i just had one. and i want my god damn vodka but some fuckers are to wuss to get drunk with me. and aimee sucks to get drunk with coz she drink so slow.

and they hate tom now. they realised he was full of shit.

i can't write. it hurts.

i long to be like you
lie cold in the ground like you
theres room inside for two
and i'm not grieving for you
and as we lay in silent bliss
i know you remember me

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