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2005-09-01 - 9:39 p.m.

i ache. i hurt. i wish i was dead. aimee has gone. i can't just call her when i want now. i can't just see her when i want now. i feel so dead inside. i'm still crying.
so no more about it, dear diary. because i need to block it out and deny it.

i have one friend left now but i don't know. she lied to me. she completely bullshitted me. she said she didn't want to change schools at all but she lied. she said her mum was forcing her, but she lied. she wanted to go. she won't say whats so bad about our school. it has to be me. she hates me.
i can't be alone. not again. i got away from it. i don't want to be alone again. i can't.

i cannot stop cutting myself and it still won't hurt. i'm bleeding a lot.

make it go away.

why am i shaking.

why am i crying.

why do i want to die.

i don't know how to solve my problems.
i don't know where to start.

i want to sink into the ground.

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