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2008-12-08 - 12:05 p.m.

well things have developed with the website wars. i managed to kick nick off the admin of the site. problem with that is that i kicked aimz off too. not coz i'm like a power hungry bitch or whatever but like i know that if she is admin, he is admin. and i really dont want that. like that fuckwit has screwed with my whole friendship with aimz. i can't see her or call her or text her or contact her or whatever and then the one place that i could actually talk to her on - he takes over. no no no. its too much. stupid fucking control freak

but on the good side of life

- apparently nick hit the roof when he found out i took over which gave me a delicious amount of joy. i felt bad coz i knew aimz would be in the firing line or whatever but still. i won a least temporarily

- i found out i got into uni. so fuck yeahhhhhhhhhh

- and lastly zoe is coming up for a week on thursday and we are definitely going to do something so human socialisation approaches


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