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2010-01-06 - 5:13 p.m.

the first entry in the new year. god..i started this diary in 2004...six years..this thing spans six years of my life. fuck.

christmas was relatively good this year. everybody was relaxed, i was still my normal antisocial self but according to the uncle slightly less antisocial than the year before and the year before that. i think he believes this because of my automatic reaction to people trying to take pictures of me which is to give them the finger.

but now diary let me tell you about new years eve because i need to gossip and there is no one to gossip to:

11:00 am - create huge graze on my face trying to get hair dye off. give up on trying to look nice.
1:00 pm - arrive in town, midori in hand and wait for the frog so we can go to palm cove.
3:00 pm - the frog finally arrives after many family delays.
4:00 pm - arrive at palm cove. tas and his ex-fiancee and her kids already there.
6:00 pm - start drinking piss weak midori
7:00 pm - start tequila shots. with lemon. yum
7:30 pm - other people actually arrive. not the massive party i was told it would be (which i was quite happy about anyway.) maximum of 15 people at one time with at least 6 of those being kids. isabella and kiave from bentley were there. i hate talking about school memories.
10:00 pm - frog and tas's ex disappear together.
11:00pm - get talked into doing one shot too many. suffer the consequences.
11:30 pm - isabella worries about frog. about to go look for her when we realise her sis is missing. find her under couch off her head. drag her to shower.
12:00 am - happy new year! celebrated in bathroom trying to keep the sis standing up in shower.
12:01 am - the frog reappears.
1:00 am - everyone is miserable. i have killer headache. tas is wasted. goes nuts and threatens to kill people with knife. frog tells me to leave. try to get her to come with me but she won't.
2:00 am - have mental breakdown in cab on the way home. get over it because cab driver is maniac and i think i'm going to die. costs $90. seriously want to stab him.

and thats it. it was the most intense night i've had in a long time..probably why i feel the need to write in such detail.

have found out since then that the frog was gone for so long because she found out the cunt had cheated on her with his ex. she hasn't left him though. i want to yell and scream at her to dump his stupid fucking ass but i don't think that would help. i understand that apart from the fact she does love him, it would be so hard for her to find a place to live and be a single mum and all that. but i honestly and truely believe that the longer she stays with him the worse things are going to get.

i dont know.

To finish on a positive note though
1. i can drink properly and do shots again for the first time in over a year!
and 2. i got a nintendo ds which is such an awesome little piece of technology.

that will do diary.

i wonder if you will still be around in 2020?

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