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2005-04-01 - 10:26 p.m.

they just want to get rid of us. pick us off one by one. we're like blemishes on their smooth skin and they just can't take it. they want to be all beautiful and perfect and keep the dark secrets locked away. But what if we don't want to hide. We apparently have the freedom to be ourselves yet they would rather we supressed the darkness and pretended it didn't exist. Words are just words. Extravagant fantasies that will not become reality. They want us to hide in the darkness. They do not want us to have light. because when we are in darkness they can pretend we do not exist.

We should not have to take this. we should stand up for ourselves. we should be ourselves.

But if we are, they find excuses to make us disappear.

This cannot happen anymore.

We have to fight back.

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