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2009-06-05 - 12:03 p.m.

I am writing an essay. Correction: trying to. It seems irrelevant and I don�t want to do it. I�ve put it off for 3 weeks and its due today. And i�m writing this. Good sign. My inbrain world has been too entertaining and my imaginary characters have been going through some remarkable new twists in their lives. And doing the essay is making me think like a human again and be all real and so on. I don�t like it.

zoe has a house. no more tents. joy joy.

and i haven't written in a long time again. last time i was just starting uni and now my first exam starts tomorrow and i'm sitting here trying to think of something coherent to write in this demon essay so i can study for an 8 am exam tomorrow (also demonic) which i don't really want to do either and to sum up i don't really want to do anything.

i'm due for a cigarette break.

i speak to aimee sometimes. the bond is tenuous and i do not know how much longer it will last. i think we bore each other now. her life is boring, my life is boring which equals boring conversation subjects. we don't talk about deep things. only the shallow shit. whats that saying? u replace all ur friends like every 7 years or something. i don't like that.

I'm ripping my nails apart and staring at walls to avoid doing this essay. I think the other people in this room think i'm abnormal.

i got my techno music back. i'm in love.

and i will stop writing now before the boredom of my life screws up my words not that it already hasn't.

And i shall end with a quote (oh how noble amber): A full belly is a prerequisite to good acts because you will never know what immoral acts you are truly capable of until you are hungry.

Said by a cannibal guy. Totally Irrelevant. I Like it.

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