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2008-11-14 - 2:50 p.m.

always stays the same, nothing ever changes.

isn't is funny that i'm writing in here more when i have less of life to write about than ever? actually i would say they're directly related. more boredom = more writing of crap.

there is so much shit that i thought i'd written about in here that i haven't. like the time i got zoe drunk for the first time ever. that was funny. coz i got aimee and andersen over. and aimee got drunk so fast and i got andersen to take her home. and then all of a sudden while that was going on zoe had apparently got bored and skulled some drink which we had mixed together. and she was wasted. completely off her head barely conscious wasted. and she was meant to go back to school for detention! ha ha yeah thats how long ago this shit was. anyways she ended up on my bedroom floor, throwing up and singing insy winsy spider. and then her parents were calling looking for her, threatening to call the police and there ended up no other option but to call them and tell them she was here. though looking back on it now i would have just kept lying. and her dad came and she could barely walk to the car. apparently after that she slept in the car for hours, had a long shower fully clothed and had to go to school the next day. god i was such a good influence. but it would have happened at some point anyway. i wonder if she will be pissed that i wrote this all down. i doubt it. her diary says worse shit.

or what about the time andersen got this random dude to come over my house that she had a crush on and he was coming onto her and she was drunk so she was split between resistance and giving in.

maybe i don't write about these things because they are not interesting. but they are interesting to me. and isn't that all that matters? since i'm the only one who reads this.

god damn these fears about uni. will i get in? will i stay in?
aimee should go! nick shouldn't!

and i want to fucking get stoned.

fuuuuuuuuuuuuck this is good music.
i'm in a good mood. which is kinda weird coz i've been reading my own depressed overdramatic shit for the past couple of hours.

i want so much. want want want. want to go see zoe in sydney though i think they've moved again. something about her uncle taking all her money. want to get my hair dyed. want all this music. want to get my last lip piercing.

there are fucking muffins in the kitchen with mould on them. how gross if that? but strangely fascinating.

ok so i'm adding this in. just a thought i had about this friend i used to have. we had a massive fight and never spoke again but anyway. after a certain point in our friendship all we seemed to do was talk about memories. we never did anything new. and now i can't remember a single one of those memories and i can't really remember much about her. jessica. i'm really wary of that now with friends. me and zoe started doing it and i was like fuuuck and changed it. ok thats it for the extra thought.

i need another personality to talk too. i shall name her starfish. she shall be normal so i can argue with her about the foolishness of normality and humanity and such.

and i think i have rambled enough absolute shit for today.

go the african tribal music!

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