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2005-09-05 - 11:49 a.m.

this is the speech i've written for my english assignment...

I believe sexism in the media is a terrible problem. A terrible terrible problem. Women are acting like complete sluts just to sell some meaningless product that isn�t even related to women at all. Little humans are busy learning to dance like they are strippers to attract men that will probably only use them to satiate their eternal cravings for sex. There are other ways to advertise products than by exposing women. It may be the best-selling way but don�t we humans have some morality. We are degrading our whole species just to sell deodorant or cars.
And all the pressure we are putting on women (and men but not to the same extent) is extreme. Girls at younger and younger ages are feeling the need to cover up an minor flaws they have with a ton of makeup. By portraying these perfect airbrushed models on many television shows and advertisements, you are making women and men feel more and more insecure about who they are and what they look like. If you go off the images you get from television you would think everyone had to have perfect skin, a perfect nose, eyes and mouth, no blemishes, extremely skinny and show off nearly all their body just to have a relationship or to get anywhere in life. We are creating an artificial world.
There are people who have fought for the rights of women for many years and they started women. Women obtained the right to vote and all those other things. People fought for equality between both sexes. Now we�re showing men dressed up to the max with expensive pointless jewellery hanging all over them and women in the background dancing like sluts and acting like the men are gods of the world. It is rare for it to be the opposite way. Women are scapegoats because they have been the lesser sex for so many years, people think they are just available to be used for any demeaning act that earns them money. You get told money is happiness, money will buy you anything. Money will buy you a new face if you feel insecure. Money will buy you bigger tits and a perfect ass. We are cutting skin off our ass and putting on our faces just to look better. And all because of the pressure of the media. You have too look perfect. It doesn�t matter if you lose all your values, the people you care about, your dignity�that�s fine as long as you represent what we want to sell. Fill yourself with plastic�trust us it�ll make you feel better. Buy our toothpaste or our cure for acne�it works. It�ll make you perfect and everyone will accept you. Oh yes. Spend all your money to become something that isn�t even real. People hate their lives and themselves because what is portrayed on the television is what they think is real. Their lives seem dull and meaningless compared to the wonderful, exciting lives on television. People give up great careers just to appear on television. Just to make more money. If you hate what your doing, it doesn�t matter anymore. Long as you are getting a decent amount of money.
We are just becoming objects. Walking advertisements for company�s that just want more money. If models lose their looks for some reason like because of a fire or something.. they are worthless. So they are stranded in a world where most jobs need qualifications of some sort and they have nothing except ruined good looks and the remnants of a famous, wealthy life that really accomplished them nothing in the long term.
No wonder people are depressed. Women who don�t look great are automatically outcast from society. And treated like they are nothing. Women are giving up a perfectly good chance to get an education to pursue a career that will dump them as soon as they find out men aren�t masturbating over them as much as they are over some other hot model. If it wasn�t for the media, society wouldn�t really be shallow. Its all because of the unattainable expectations set by people who don�t care about anything except making more money
Humanity is losing everything that is so different about it. Everything that they say is important and meaningful is going down the drain. Culture, Respect, Morality and Equality will not exist if we keep going as we are. We are sentient creatures. We have the brains do so much. Why base society, futures and lives just on physical features?

i just started a ramble and kept going and than i decided i would use it and who gives a shit about my mark...i don't care anymore.

still dying inside though i've managed to block it out for the past couple of days. managed to keep everything at bay and pretend that i'm a normal human entity like creature.

i'm so tired of being this human right here and of seeing my reflection and of hearing my words. i don't like my own thought processes.

i'm going to shut up now.

i think i'm meant to be working.

i'm busy hiding in my world though.

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