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2005-01-18 - 4:12 a.m.

I'm back.

went over zoez.

they didn't chop me up in my sleep. But i had a killer headache the whole time and woz often in one of my weird depressed moodz.

not long to skool. oh fuck, fuck , fuck. I want to change skoolz. But i doubt any otherz would be better. i could at least try tho.

frog is here now. watching me writing. itz hard to write when sum1 is doing that. i think shez tired. she lookz tired but she refuses to admit it.

THERE IS NO MILK IN MY HOUSE. I AM GOING TO DIE. lol. classic milk addict. gimme gimme gimme.

The meaning of life is to take as many with u when u die - nigel

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