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2007-08-27 - 3:22 p.m.

Oh oh oh. The anger is here diary. its here. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH. rage. rage. rage. You think i was mad at itec before. now i'm like a trillion thousand times more rage-filled. i had to go to a work capacity assessment with centrelink..they were trying to identify if i was mental or not and since i'm am good at hiding the mentalness they decided i was normal but i complained about me....and now itec has decided to torture me and put me through hell and those fucking cunts..fuck fuck fuck fuck cunt cunt cunt cunt shit shit shit shit. They make me go to job seeker training..i freak out..they say they week...they try and make me go to job seeker you see the loop here? and they wont listen and they're sooo completely fucking irritatingly stupid. die.

and frog is meant to be visiting today but will she turn up? no one knows.

damn this blackness and this sadness. go away. i want my world back.

i made a new friend. am i godlike or what. shes the chic at vpg called cindy and at first i thought she was going to be exactly like isabelle but turns out shes not which is a very good thing and though she probably thinks i'm a moron because my mouth has lost the ability to shut up lately we hang out. and frog hates it. and that gives me some sadistic satisfaction i suppose for all the times shes made me feel like shit. but thats not the reason i hang out with cindy its just a bonus. ha ha ha.

i left the venom zoo :( :( :( mainly because of itec (die die die).

i'm tired as usual. five hours sleep. ahaghalfjiaehngolweghf. i've run out of things to write about but i don't want to stop writing but i probably will.

i believe old people should be euthanised by age 70 and then no one will have to give up their bus seats.

and that will do.

and i just found out cindy got a job which means i'm the only fuckin loser left behind. great.

and that will really do.

bye my beauty

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