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2005-01-14 - 3:47 a.m.

i'm sitting here, fighting all the fucked up feelingz that want to erupt.
i want my knife. i realli want my knife. maybe i could go get it. then i'd be happi.

be right back....getting something.

alright got it.

i walked past a pack of knifez 2day and i woz practically drooling over them. yummi. i luv knives.

i'm staring at my little orange pocket knife now. hes small but he does an awful good job. u don't even have to press 2 hard.

see i'll prove it.


it does a good job.

i shouldn't cut myself.

but who gives a shit.

i'm going to die anywayz.

So while the normalz are sleeping and the nightbirdz are partying..i'm sitting here cutting myself.

showz how pathetic i am doesn't it.

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