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2005-04-17 - 6:31 a.m.


don't be scared


i won't hurt u


it was an accident i swear. the knife slipped.


have fun. u see, what ur feeling now is what i felt on the inside. i'm just expressing myself. no need to scream.

i'm normal
i'm normal
i'm normal

i can be so nice to you while inside my mind you are dying a horrible horrible death.

i am just waiting till that day that person says that thing thatz makes me go crazy. not crying depressed crazy. maniacal crazy. killer crazy. say one more word i stab u crazy.

u see there are people saying shit about my friend. the friends of the people that fucked me up. and i am just restraining myself from causing their deaths. but i swear on me life if they say one more word they will suffer whether it be physically or emotionally. i will make their darkness come to life and consume everything about them. i will make it take over them. i will make them become a different person.

just heed this.

The Quiet Ones Are The Most Deadly

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