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2005-06-10 - 7:19 p.m.


fuck shit asshole bitch fuck whore slut bitch cunt dickhead idiot fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck abuser stupid fucking....AHHHHHHHHHH

i am so angry
so so angry
and i don't know why
i want to kill everyone. angry angry angry angry angry.

its all excuses and nothing true. all lies. they were all lies. who the fuck was my friend. and what the hell am i on about. fine i'll let myself rave and if it doesn't make sense i don't care.

i want everything to go back and be like it was before. i want people to go away. i want them to come back. i want them to burn in goddamn hell.

and like me and aimz we act so happy to each others face. well not happy but not depressed. but you read our diaries and its another story. like i guess i don't really feel it when i'm with friends. maybe its the same for her. or maybe she just got sick of expressing it.

and u r all so condemning. and go away. leave me alone. leave me alone.

and one of my friends is making a mistake but i'm afraid to say anything. but its not her fault. but its never gonna be what she wants it to be and i think she knows that but won't accept it..

and i love this song and i hate this world and i hate those people and i wish they would leave me alone and i wish i was someone else and i wish i could be what they want and i wish i was nothing like them. and i wish she wouldn't speak to me because her words burn. she has no idea. nothing at all. its in the past and its nothing now.

and its strange but i can't kill it. and theres 2 of them and they both haunt me. and i wish they would go but if they did that would hurt as well.

hurt me.

and i'm scared aimee will change if he comes back and try to be normal again.

and you'll never guess what diary. my mums going to work. when i go on holidays. i'll be alone all the time. i'll be alone with my pills. and i reckon it will be something amazing if they don't tempt me. so here is the question that needs to be answered.

Will Ambre survive the holidays?

you think that
i doubt it too


lets wait and see

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