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2005-01-28 - 11:04 p.m.

i am a little happier apart from the fact that my right foot is so fucked up i can barely walk.

highschool isn't that bad. except for the frog not alwayz being there. Being a loner is alright sometimes.

still can't fuckin get into msn. still gonna murder someone.

renee is torturing me because she is in some of my classes and itz hard to sit right in front of the person that basically ruined ur life and hear them being so happi and laughing with their friendz. And not scream.

I have my little blade with me at all timez at skool. No one sees him even though i wear him around my neck. He comfortz me. At least he'll be there if no one else is.

The world is black and heartz are cold, and therez no hope, thatz what we're told. - good charlotte

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