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2009-10-08 - 2:43 p.m.

To: "Roger"

Subject: Re: essay marked and returned to learnjcu. Marks are percentages

i fuckin hate you and your stupid mark and your stupid marking technique. why don't you go and fucking burn in hell. i can't hear a fucking word you say. its just bullshit. don't you realise a majority of people react really negatively to verbal criticism. on top of that you want us to redraft this essay but all your advice and ideas for reconstruction are verbal so its ten times harder to follow any of it. what the fuck? just because the technology is there and its cool, it doesn't mean you have to always use it. and just because you don't like my style of writing i don't think that essay deserved a p. i don't think it deserved a hd or even a d either. but i reckon it was credit worthy and you're just marking overly hard. so go and fuck yourself you stupid cunt.

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