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2004-12-26 - 9:30 p.m.

Bad Day. Bad Bad Day.

I thought I woz meant to be getting better thankyou very much. But nooooo for me when i'm mean to be becoming happy normalness i become freaky sadness screaming. And yay i'm not making sense. I'm psychotic. God i luv that word.

I want to become a psychotic psychologist. Nah but I do want to be a psychologist and prove that they don't all have to be fuckheadz and actually understand what some of these ppl are going thru coz i've been thru it but that only if i'm over it by then.

I hate ppl telling me thingz will get better. I know they will. I'm not an idiot. but i also know that no1 will ever ever luv me and that i will grow old alone and that will be a pity coz i have this horrible fear of being alone so i'll probly kill myself by the time i'm 20 hopefully b4 then. Hopefully now.

Scream 4 me, Die 4 me

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