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2010-09-22 - 9:44 p.m.

so i've moved out. independence and the such. livin with the aimzy.

i thought i would be freakin out and all that shit but its pretty good most of the time except for centrelink fuckin me over and makin it so i have like $80 left a fortnight to buy tobacco, catch buses, pay bills and purchase food. note that tobacco by itself is 120 bucks a fortnight for me. but right now i'm not gonna let that shit get me down. when i'm on the road twitchin then i'll probably be slightly depressed.

under super pressure from uni work. can you tell how productive i'm being. i'm on here writing eh.

Goin to this white party thing in a couple weeks. Should be good. Experiences.

Actually I don't know why i came on here.I have shit all to say. My place rocks.

The Bambi rules.

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