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2005-01-19 - 8:54 p.m.

so i might be changing skoolz now. Talked to my mother about it. Itz probably for the best. I might change this year but itz a definite thing next year.

If I change this year i have to go to saint mary's. I hate the uniform and some of the people but at least itz soon.

If I change next year I can go to Cairns High. I like that skool but it meanz I have to spend another year at Bentley.

If I don't change skoolz, i'm prolly gonna get so fucked up and end up trying to kill myself again. But Frog will be happi.

So what am i going to do?

I'm going to cairnz high tomorrow to get a form. Like to put me on the waiting list or something. And I have an interview with saint mary'z.

I'm gonna see what Bentley is like this year tho'. But i doubt there'll be any miraculous changes.

and frog will be so hurt if i changed skoolz.


should i do whatz better for me or should i keep other people happi?

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