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2005-04-09 - 3:28 a.m.


frog is going to go back to sleep and that sux. i just woke up. now i'm spastic. sometimes when ur fucked in the mind it flies away for a while. Like a little birdy.

i nearly fell off the couch apparently but i lived.

i'm a cookie. i was the original cookie. i am the chocolate chip cookie. frog is just a ordinary plain oatmeal cookie. aimee is a timtam. izzabelle is a ginger nut thingy coz they bite.

i think theres a man in my eyez and playing games and trying to make my eyelids fall down. he isn't winning anymore but he normally does. his name is freddy.

frog is going to marry someone called Jaidyn with blonde hair and green eyes. I know this because I am smart and I can see the future. She will love him, she just don't know it yet.
that'd be fuckin funni if i was right. she'd be scared.

i'm just a kid and life is a nightmare...

my pentacle broke. that means every single necklace, all 3, that i bought last week have broke. shitty things. i really like them. i can fix 2. but frog broke one real bad. poor little skulls. i put them in her care and she tortured the little guys and then they just gave up and flew across the room.

am i even making sense.

i hate skool. skool hates me. lets burn it down and we'll all be free.


thatz the name of me and frogs band. we suck but thatz kool. even if you have a bad voice you can sing gothic music. we haven't sung anything yet. we reckon zemaniax can also stand for our friendship. WE ARE ZEMANIAX.

the rain is pouring down....well drizzling down.

i'm busting.

i'm the party bee.
i hate parties. i hate bees.

my birthdays on sunday. i getting contacts to make my eyes pure evilness. that'll just rule. i bet ya the school is going to try and make me take them out but i'm just going to say fuck you. they can seriously just get over themselves. it ain't their business what colour my eyes are. SEND EVERYONE WITH BROWN EYES HOME. THEY'RE BAD.
i reckon all the teachers are having a big gossip fest about A. i think the deputy prinicipal told them all. they look at me and frog and izz funny. as if we're gonna run up to them and stab them multiple times or slice their necks or shoot them or other interesting delectible things.

i'm busting.

i like the used. their music is good. i like the song blue and yellow. that song is good.

frog is sleeping with the sheet over her head again. i wonder if i wrapped a rubber band around the part where i think her neck is would she suffocate and die. i would try it out but then i would have no friends. i guess i could always get new ones. nah frog is the one and only frog. and plus i wouldn't want to incur the wrath of her mother.

i'm busting.

i'll write more later. but that'll do for now.

so bye

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