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2007-01-01 - 2:35 a.m.

hey diary. its me bambi. oh really that isn't obvious. shut up

i'm either slightly drunk or slightly hung over i can't figure it out. i had a good night. HAPPY NEW YEAR! rorys back from townsville for awhile. yay. christmas is over and done with. yay. i lost my phone on christmas day. fuuuck. i feel so lost without him.

but yeah had a bottle of vodka and didn't drink much. what is wrong with me? meh i feel sick.

frogs been coming over a lot which is good. my sleeping pattern is so fucked though. i go to bed at 4 or 5 wake up sometime in the afternoon and do it all again. she asleep now. stupid person got up in the morning. crazy. i start tafe in a month. but i can't fuckin pay coz centrelink are bastards and cut off my payments and say i owe them over a thousand bucks to be paid by january.i will kill them all. and the irony is i might end up working there for my vocational placement.

me and zoe have been hanging out on the median strip in the middle of the road. its really relaxing and you meet a lot of new people. like the first night these people invited us back to their place to play cards so we're like fuck it ok. one of them had a crush on frog. funny as fuck. then the next night we saw one of the others (damien) again. right he walks off and this other man whose kid just died up the road a few weeks back comes up to us. hes drunk and i think he was pissed that we were sitting there judging his kid just died. anyways he jumps in front of this speeding car and makes it stop. and the guy gets out and starts yelling at him and they're fighting so we walk off to damien and hide. then the guy whos kid died started following so we had to walk so far just to get to damiens house. its was interesting. adventures. and the next night we were sitting somewhere else coz it was raining and the police come along and start questioning us. apparently they thought frog looked like some missing chic. anyways thats my adventures over the past few days. me and frog feel sorta proud that we can make our own friends without aimee and rory there coz those two are the ones who make friends with randoms.

about aimee and rory there is like tension between them coz rory admitted hes attracted to aimee who freaked out coz like rorys meant to be gay of course. they were both on e's and apparently they ended making out or something and now they both fully regret it. i don't know what to do judging each one is telling me shit the other one hasn't. and aimz is a smart cookie and tells matt who freaks and wants to kill rory and makes aimee think every hug rory's ever given her has been something more than friendship. but i know rory hes not like that.

at the moment i like my life. i feel i'm living it. i go out nearly every night. and have fun. get exhausted but have fun. i do have my depressed moments of course and i'm sure this is only a temporary stop to the sadness but i'm glad and i appreciate it coz last time i was happy i didn't value it. and i regret that.

anyways i'm gonna stop writing now and find something to do for the next few hours.

luv yah diary


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