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2005-01-03 - 10:04 p.m.

ok so i made 2 new year resolutionz. I have never done that b4. Herez what they are.

1. Don't take shit from people
2. Fix thingz up with some people.

and wait therez a 3rd.

3. If number 2 doesn't happen then to get out of the livez of the people around stop fucking them up. And i have 2 wayz to get out of their livez and yes one does involve suicide but i'd probably hate the other one more.

I had written him a letter which i had for want of better knowledge, sent it to where i met him down the lachlan yearz ago
And an answer came directed in a writing unexpected (and i think the same was written with a thumbnail dipped in tar.)

Yes shut up itz a poem by banjo paterson called clancy of the overflow and certain people will know that i put that in here for a reason and that it meanz something else. Wow. a hidden message. I'm so proud.

So Herez hoping that I keep my new year resolutionz. Cheerz.

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