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2005-04-19 - 7:34 p.m.

i hate them hate them hate them

i don't want to associate with them
they are nothing and i am above them. there is no need for them 2 hear my words. they are not worth my words.

the days crawl but the years race.

my hatred grows by the day. i hate being near them. i hate being surrounded by them. i hate having to work with them.

you people isolated me. you gave me the worst year of my life. and i'm meant to just move on and forget about it. i'm meant to forgive you. that is one thing i will never do. i do not forgive my friends, i do not forgive my mother and i certainly do not forgive my enemies. they think i am powerless and that i will never ever fight back. they think i am weak and a coward just because i don't speak back to their insults. but you know i do. i add it to my collection. i put it somewhere but i do not hide from it like some. I remember every word every single one of them said 2 me. I remember things from grade 4. I will not forget.

The time is coming closer but dear diary i cannot tell you for what because these people, they read this diary. it would not matter if i locked it or not. there would be no difference. they would still find my words because they like to find suffering.

u cannot hide. their eyes are always on you, judging your every move your every word. saying things. never are you alone. never. not even if you lock yourself away somewhere you will never be able to get away from them. they will hunt you down. they are everywhere.

And they wonder why I don't trust anybody. You want to know why I don't. Its because there's nobody to trust.

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